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Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim 2012

Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim 2012

Terroir of Jurassic limestone and Liassic marls

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« The production of this wine is a milestone in my life as a wine-grower and marks a break with the variety-over-terroir dominance under which the Alsace region has suffered so greatly for the past 100 years ».                                                                                                                                       Jean-Michel Deiss 


The ALTENBERG DE BERGHEIM is located in the heart of the geological faults fields of RIBEAUVILLE where hard limestone and Jurassic Lias marls meet each other. These abundant formations in fossils form a poor clay-limestone soil, red (ferruginous), and rich in rock limestone, where the vines must dive deeper to find their energy.


The micro-climate of ALTENBERG, resulting from its fully southern exposure, its distance from the forehead of Vosges and its isolated position facing the Plain Rhénane, this Grand Cru is terribly hot, dry and almost overexposed. The maturities of grapes, often amplified by the noble rot, are non-standard and they impose the domination of terroir on the cepages co- planted.


HISTORICALLY The return to the ancient practice of vineyards co-planted with all traditional cepages and the return to the single vintage unsorted open the Pandora's box of "Grand Vin" from ALTENBERG: the Terroir becomes the conductor who inspires and controls all ranges of “performers” (rootstocks and cépages, along with all the conditions of the vintage and even the winemaker!). This approach is “The pure expression of Terroir, the balanced symphony of Grand Vin ”.


This wine revives synthesis of the old tradition of Alsace wines for being aged and made for the journey, throughout the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, until the end of the thirteenth century, which made modern Alsace wines an accumulation from thousands of years’ civilization achievements in Plain Rhénan.


Aging Potential : 15 to 20 years






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