Primeurs 2019

Your allocation of Great wines from the Domaine at preferential conditions

Offer from 15 June 2020 to 30 September 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new PRIMEUR 2019 campaign. The primeur sales are an opportunity to access preferential rates on all our Grands Vins de Terroirs thanks to a differential of about 30% below the official rate at the time of their delivery. By buying en primeur, you can be sure of having access to an allocation of our rarest vintages. More than a reservation, it is the possibility of committing yourself with us to excellence and fine wines and to weave together a bond of trust.

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Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Dear Friends of Domaine Marcel DEISS

No one could have imagined a few months ago, at the time of producing the 2019 vintages concerned by this early offer, that we would be describing them on 2 June 2020, the day of deconfinement, at the end of the longest period of health crisis that our countries have known in living memory, at the end of the hottest, earliest and above all driest spring since weather records have existed! The 2020 flower is made under a Mediterranean climate and without major incident Alsace will harvest at the end of August! Harvest? For who? For what? At a time when rumours are spreading everywhere, the press is in disbelief, the interprofessional committee is in anguish: European viticulture is suffering, Alsatian viticulture is going to die. Dying from insufficient commercial performance, from a colossal stock inherited from a productivity unsuited to our times, from prices that are too low. In reality, to die of a mostly old-fashioned offer of simplistic, utilitarian and magical varietal wines, too expensive for what they offer in the abandoned supermarket shelves. At the time of proposing this 2019 en primeur offer, the principle of which is known to you, it is not illegitimate to wonder: does great wine still have a future? Is the wine for laying down still current? Echoes of your tastings on social networks and the countless comments on our bottles that accompanied them lead us to believe that the answer is yes! So many beautiful shared moments, sincere happiness, magical emotions: who will give all this up tomorrow? As the economic crisis looms, the future of our companies and our societal model is at stake. Our answers to this question are clear: the future will be organised around the values of hardiness, transparency, renewed mutual trust, quality of daily life and food safety. We have been preparing for this challenge for a long time: to produce low yields under truly sustainable environmental, social and ethical conditions, to put the soil, the landscape, the plant, the wine and the customer at the heart of the process, to think like a patient and hardy farmer. As early as January, well before Covid, we had made progress in the de-mechanisation of our practices, pruned the Grands Crus and Premiers Crus in cordon, undertaken to store carbon in our grassy areas and at the same time reaffirmed our values of service, proximity, training in tasting and presence at your side. And at the time of launching this 2019 primeur campaign, whose cross descriptions you will find attached, a campaign that will condition the success of the 2020s from an economic point of view, we are assuming our role as leaders in the defence of the Alsatian Terroirs and the production of local wines. We focus on our responsibility to show that the path to producing great wines in Alsace remains possible. Great wines refocused on the dry extract, the energy concentration, the quality of the matter and the acid tension, the length of the mouth and the tenacity of the memory left and transmitted. The 2019 Vintage is in line with these very fine years in 9 with legendary ageing potential. The characteristics of the vintage meant that we harvested late after a wet spring, requiring constant attention to maintain a satisfactory level of health, followed by a summer with scorching temperatures. At the beginning of September, the return to coolness and humidity came to ensure the serenity of the harvest with very beautiful maturities: an autumn before 2010, sun, light, rain, wind, fog and botrytis like a return to the roots. The vintage in the cellar is of an immense level, with a real acidic tension halfway between that of the 2008s for their salinity and that of the 2010s for their purity. For example, the Altenberg 2019 is a true splendour. All the wines present an incredible freshness and tension, which suggests an important ageing potential. Great reading and thank you in advance for your continued support!

Marie Hélène, Jean-Michel, Emmanuelle, Mathieu and the whole team

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