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Primeur Offer

Your allocation of Great wines from the Domaine at preferential conditions

Offer from June 27 to September 30 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new PRIMEUR 2021 campaign. The primeur sales are an opportunity to access preferential rates on all our Grands Vins de Terroirs thanks to a differential of about 30% below the official rate at the time of their delivery. By buying in primeur, you can be sure of having access to an allocation of our rarest vintages. More than a reservation, it is the possibility of committing yourself with us to excellence and fine wines and to weave together a bond of trust.


Dear Friends, Dear Customers,

Since the dawn of time, and especially in our civilization since wine found a prominent sacred place in Christian practice, men have sought out high places where, whatever the climate, the grapes reach a singular grace, a perfect maturity and a regular yield. The establishment of vineyards in Cistercian abbeys, and then, closer to us from 1935, the classification of French terroirs under the impetus of Baron Leroy and Joseph Capus, creators of the Inao, testify to this paradigm. It is not so much the strength, the absolute originality and the inimitable dimension of the gustatory signal emitted by a Grand Cru that signs its greatness as the regularity of this signal, beyond the difficulties linked to a particularly difficult vintage. Many had forgotten it: this is the absolute difference between Grand Cru and Premier Cru!

Never since 1984 and its flowering in July under a cold rain, have we experienced this hierarchy of terroirs under climatic constraint in the spring of 2021. The tasting of the wines in the cellar testifies to this reality: if the grands crus reach a remarkable level, an almost usual yield and will allow a certain ageing; the premiers crus have suffered heavily from the insane hydric regime imposed by the sky.

Let's not forget that from April 1st to June 30th 2021, the period of active growth and flowering of the vine, the equivalent of a year's rainfall fell here; more than 400 millimeters of water per square meter. The quantities harvested in Premier Cru are, unfortunately, often insignificant. Mildew and powdery mildew have hit hard: these quantities will not be enough to supply our trading partners.

The quality level is correct, more heterogeneous than usual however, depending on the geological nature and the landscape context of each terroir, in many cases we consider it preferable to downgrade to the lower hierarchical level, the commune or the regional appellation, lots which, in this place, will ensure a remarkable level of complexity to these cuvées.

Started timidly, almost clandestinely, nearly 40 years ago, the marketing of our "en primeur" wines continues to grow and has found new audiences seduced by the absolute transparency and coherence of our approach. This "miracle" in a rather gloomy Alsatian context testifies to the strength of the ties that unite us, made up of trust, sharing and responsibility. Of obvious honesty too.

So in this warm and dry spring of 2022, when the whole vineyard bloomed in May, is absolutely magnificent and augurs the most beautiful promises, at the time of writing the description of the proposed 2021 wines, the obvious is obvious: we will propose you this year only the 4 great wines. We believe that they reach the level of wines for ageing and the excellence to which we have become accustomed. You will find attached the tasting notes dated June 5, 2022, the Primeur 2021 offer and its particular conditions.

Nice reading, nice salivation: Only in expectation and fervor does desire find its source, then its happy realization.

Sincerely yours,

Jean Michel DEISS