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Primeur Offer

Your allocation of Great wines from the Domaine at preferential conditions

Offer from May 20 to September 30 2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new PRIMEUR 2020 campaign. The primeur sales are an opportunity to access preferential rates on all our Grands Vins de Terroirs thanks to a differential of about 30% below the official rate at the time of their delivery. By buying in primeur, you can be sure of having access to an allocation of our rarest vintages. More than a reservation, it is the possibility of committing yourself with us to excellence and fine wines and to weave together a bond of trust.


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Dear friends of the Domaine Marcel DEISS 

Today, in the heart of this spring 2021, hesitating between winter rigor and persistent acid wind, it is with a certain paradoxical nostalgia that we remember the spring 2020. This moment when we had described the first fruits of 2019, at the end of the first confinement, when full of hope in front of so much light and so much heat, an earliness never seen, this new closeness between us, everything seemed possible again, clear-cut, clear enough to hope for the bright blossoming of the world after. The months that passed brought only tension and uncertainty on the COVID front, and in contrast an easy climate, a smooth wine year and a heat wave harvest: harvesting the Schoenenbourg in a T-shirt was a historic first! Your renewed fervor remains, and each day bears witness to the fact that the Great Wine has regained its prominent place in the conviviality that is indispensable in our chaotic world, in our now almost voluntarily confined lives ..... Today, on the threshold of the 2021 wine-making year, which will be cool, late, windy, and infinitely more complicated, even if Alsace escaped the devastating frost of mid-April, we are taking advantage of the calm left to us by the end of a long planting campaign and the marked delay in vegetation to return to the cellar and describe for you this 2020 vintage, the subject of the present Primeur Offer. If the grapes produced last year constitute a new standard of ripeness, sanitary purity and visual brilliance never seen before, the vinification as often in this case, has proved to be complex, patient and many wines still fermenting and will need the whole of 2021 to go through the full cycle of maturation. A long habit of tasting in the barrel allows however to perceive the signal of each place, a strong and clear signal, often surprisingly defined at this stage, especially since you know that we use the Gourmet technique, the religious blackness of an immobile cellar where only the silence is disturbed from time to time by a triumphant fermenting gurgling. The notes collected below give an account of the general level of the cellar which reaches an impressive floor and testify to a new definition of the touch of mouth which records the climatic generalization of the years in 0: 1990, 2000, 2010... 2020 but also 2015, 2018. Drier wines, focused on dry extract rather than on autumnal acidity, on the salivating and energetic structure of a sap rather than on enticing but sometimes deceptive fruity aromas. This is accentuated at the Domaine by the choice of a very severe Cordon pruning, a partial vinification in amphora and consequently by yields that are resolutely Burgundian rather than Alsatian. We hope you enjoy reading the following: the whole team is at your service to answer your requests for clarification and no doubt Eric will call you to answer your more personal questions about your favorite terroirs. You will see that this year the Rotenberg and the white Gruenspiel don't appear in the Primeur offer. Don't be surprised: after ten years of trials Mathieu has acquired a solid experience of vinification of Terroirs by maceration and this year, for the first time, these two terroirs have been vinified entirely by this technique. Only honesty linked to the absence of serious visibility on very long aging, has prevented us from integrating them in the offer. However, you will be able to access these wines from the fall at the Caveau and form your own opinion on these new balances, drier, more complete, immediately accessible, totally fascinating.

A nice virtual cellar visit, as it is now the fashion, and we look forward to meeting again when we will be able to circulate again, to go to Bergheim, to taste together, in person, in order to make a fashionable expression!

Marie-Hélène and Jean-Michel, Emmanuelle and Mathieu and all the team of the Domaine Marcel DEISS