Grand Cru d'Alsace

Great white wine for gastronomy, dry, spherical and very fat. Power sometimes exaggerated and extreme complexity. A suave and patinated roundness surrounding the lemon seed in the centre.


A great early terroir

Dominating Sigolsheim, the Mambourg is the earliest slope of the vineyard. Stretching over nearly 1.3 km and covering 61.85 ha, facing due south on the hillside, the Mambourg dominates Sigolsheim. As early as 783, history reveals that the wines of Sigoltesberg (today's Mambourg) were renowned for their elegance, harmony and capacity for long cellaring. Numerous convents and lords owned it and gave it its letters of nobility. Its particular geology, derived from the Oligocene limestones of the Quaternary period, gives the Mambourg a very rare characteristic, an ever-present tannic power, a smooth roundness of shape. The wines, always perfectly dry, are of course sometimes exaggeratedly powerful and extremely complex. The inimitable patina of rolled limestone

Tasted in the dark:

  •  Mental Landscape: deep, clear wine without being luminous. Charged colours: brown, havana, milk chocolate. Evolves towards yellows, more fruit.
  •  Mouthfeel: extremely concentrated wine, provoking an impressive salivation, horizontal, tingling, very tanned, exalted by carbon dioxide. Then appears the acidity; major, powerful, very broad and tartaric, underlined by a chiselled, compact tannin. Very important vinosity: the attack is consistent, the vivacity important, the energy without limit, rasterized, built like a checkerboard.
  • Posture or energy: A great table wine, tight, sovereign, calling great tables and noble poultry; fearing no one and especially not a Montrachet!

An example of what should be the level of the Alsatian Grands Crus.

Food pairing

Farm poultry (capon, fatted chicken) with cream and mushroom - morels, truffles (milk-fed veal with chanterelles). Cheese : old comté.


Field-blending of all the pinot family: Gris, Noir, Meunier, Blanc, Beurot.


Great white wine for gastronomy, dry, spherical and very fat.

To be kept

15 to 20 years.


Very early, maximum duration of sunshine period, quaternary Oligocene limestone which gives the Mambourg a rare shape in mouth.


10 °C.

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