Saint Hippolyte Rouge

Mineral, vibrant and salty red wine.

Saint Hippolyte Rouge
Saint Hippolyte Rouge

Saint Hyppolyte Rouge

Birthplace of Alsace red wine

This wine comes from the very poor granit wineyard of Saint Hippolyte.

The terroir is made of the degradation of the grey granit of Thannenkirch, light, white, sandy, poor and extremely dry. The growing of the vine is limited, and it must invest quickly in the maturation of the fruits. This is why this wineyard is one of the earliest in Alsace.

Saint Hippolyte Rouge
Food pairing

Will perfectly match with delicatessen, or red meat.


Pinot Noir.


Mineral, vibrant and salty red wine.

To be kept

Can be served now, or kept for 5/6 years more.


Arid and solar soils based on the grey Thannenkirch granites.



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