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The Garden Of Angels
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dry, mineral, warm and stony wine.


A dry, warm and stony Grand Vin

Throbbed and wrapped in minerality

The Engelgarten is one of Bergheim's best known terroirs. Its gravelly structure, the white soil and its marked hydric deficit, allows for great physiological maturity of the grapes. The vineyard, quite old, is managed with extreme severity (very short pruning, ploughing, composting). The vine suffers and produces small harvests of magnificent complexity.

Tasted in the dark:

  • Mental Landscape: a wine of warmth, light, density too. We are in front of an open, circular landscape, marked by a large field opening, a very particular photographic wide-angle side. The colours are more earthy, brown, shimmering.
  • Mouth feel: surprising wine, cold; vertical, going straight down, but in thickness, width and strength, with a salivating dimension. It is rough, stony, as if one sucks the pebble.
  •  The port or energy: the information is long, intense, invasive, with a rough, dry, ribbed, very particular side. Some would say minerality, but stoniness seems more adapted to this wine of an astonishing depth of construction. Noble bitterness on a sharp finish suddenly in the empty glass: great wine!

Beautiful table wine, built, long, architectural

Food pairing

Seafood: shellfish (shrimps, scampi, crabs, oysters). Baked fish. Salty pies. Cow (Brillat-Savarin) and sheep cheeses.


Field-blending of Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Beurot, Muscat, Pinot Noir.


dry, mineral, warm and stony wine

To be kept

10 years.


Gravel, marked hydric deficit, weak vines and limited yields.



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