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The Way Of The Sheep
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Dry wine but very fat, fine and vanilla, elegant and unctuous matter, delivering an impression of flour in the mouth.


Great complex wine, vinous and tense

An extraordinary texture

The sheep's path that leads to the Grasberg, is an exceptional terroir, a thin limestone slab of the Aalenian, perched above the plain, the ultimate extension of the mound of the Altenberg of Bergheim looking east, and whose moderately warm climate is marked by intense ventilation. Drained by the north wind in summer and protected by the Foehn in autumn, this very poor terroir where the yellow limestone rock outcrops, allows a true expression of the fruits of this very complex vine, without the development of rot.

The suggested colours are warm

Tasted in the dark:

  • Mental Landscape: warm, open, wide, cacaoté landscape. Suggested colours are warm: flour, sienna, mocha. The bright red of a more frank vivacity comes at the end!
  • Mouthfeel: warm but lively, elegant, precise, with an astonishingly acidic frankness: still sedimentary mouthfeel, but with the precision of a scalpel. The acidity is major, broad angular, tanning the mucous membrane. The vitality is extraordinary, which comes to transcend the vinosity, the density, a form of silky accomplishment.
  • The port or the energy: very great length on this particular floury sweetness, transcended by a dagger-like vivacity. Finally, simply a ripe seed, the singular expression of the place: floury Aalenian marls under a gentle eastern slope.
Food pairing

Ravioles and puff pastries (snails, prawns). Noble fish. Poultry or white meats served with mushrooms, cream sauces or forgotten vegetables. Sweetbreads. Cheeses: comté, sheep tomme, reblochon.


Field-blending of Riesling and Pinots. Some strains of Muscat and Chasselas.


A great white wine for laying down, semi-dry to mellow.

To be kept

10 to 15 years.


Early Aalenian limestone Terroir, ultimate extension of the east-facing Altenberg hillock in Bergheim. Climate characterized by intense ventilation. Floury soil.



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