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Where The Hedge Grows
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Soft, rich, aromatic, fat and very tonic wine.


A wine out of the norm...

At the top of the small pass separating Bergheim from Ribeauvillé, the Huebuhl (literally, the early and humid place), a slight depression gently sloping towards the south, joining the Gruenspiel to the west and the Rotenberg to the east, produces expressive wines: an envelope of almonds, zest, fat and toasted, a deep acid structure marked by cold lacustrine clays and luminous and windy autumns that channel and contain the Noble Rot.

Liqueur, sharp and graphite coldness

Tasted in the dark:

  • Mental Landscape: Dark, toasted, cigar. Wide open space, but in the dark. The wine seems to seek the light, to come out of the cellar, to live. At last bright red fruits appear, rich and ripe.
  • Mouthfeel: Sumptuous, smooth, fat, thick, very syrupy, then cold and peppery. After a few moments, the acidity deepens further, producing a spicy, mentholated, very intense, rough, refreshing, slatey salivation.
  • Posture or energy: a great sweet wine, but full of restraint, sharp and graphite coldness. The purity of the mouth, in exact correspondence with the nose, is extraordinary and testifies for this vintage without botrytis, where however the Huebuhl has made a wine at the level of the 2005 or 2010. With an acid and serous return, digestible, out of the norm: would this be a great Protestant sweet wine? Will need time, respect and patience. Will be in some time this bottle that people who say they only like dry wines drink with happiness...

Waiting, hoping!

Food pairing

Foie gras. Lamb tagine with dried fruits. Blue cheeses. Chocolate cake, caramel Yule log, apricot and almond tart, Tatin pie.


Field-blending of all the pinots family.


Soft, fat and tonic wine.

To be kept

10 to 15 years.


Late and damp terroir, characterized by cold lacrustian clays that channel and contain the Noble rot.



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