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Gruenspiel Rouge

The Game Of Greens
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Powerful and thick red wine with polished tannins.

Gruenspiel Rouge
Gruenspiel Rouge

An iron hand in a velvet glove

Dark landscape with fascinating colours

Facing south, overhanging the grand crus of Ribeauvillé, this Bergheim terroir, one of the most qualitative in fining, takes its poetic name from the checkerboard which expresses the heterogeneous nature of the superficial soil made up of torrential sandstone, granite and sometimes gneissic deposits, set on a deep matrix of Keuper lake marls. These dominant characteristics give the wine a phenomenal length, a slightly tannic structure, a power barely rounded off by this warm minerality so particular to rolled gravel: an iron hand in a velvet glove.

A cold, tight, organic atmosphere

Historically produced as a white wine, the first red wine was born in the 2016 vintage. The result is disturbingly similar in terms of mouthfeel. The wine is powerful, with polished tannins. If it is nourishing, the matter offers a rough touch, a phenomenal width, but in a cold, tight, organic atmosphere, calling for proteins and red meats.

Gruenspiel Rouge
Food pairing

Magnificent with red or white meat, and poultry pairings.


Pinot Noir.


Powerful and tight red wine.

To be kept

15 to 20 years.


This wine is made up of torrential deposits of sandstone, granite and sometimes gneiss, spread over a deep base of Keuper lake marl.



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